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Youth Advisory Board  for Peace  


Youth Advisory Boards for Peace  - Competence development for youth policy development and advocacy for peace is a two years project, co-funded by the Erasmus + program of the European Union.


The project aims at supporting the involvement of young people as key actors in peacebuilding and change processes alongside the guidelines of the UNSCR 2250 by increasing the capacities of youth-led civil society organizations and youth groups in developing and applying sustainable initiatives ensuring youth participation at the local level through policy development and peace advocacy.







Accordingly, the project foresees the following objectives:

 To increase the competencies of youth leaders in training on peace education, advocacy, and youth policy development for peace

  To raise awareness and enhance constituencies of active youth engaged with advocacy and supporting policy development initiatives for peace

 To foster the establishment of sustainable initiatives for youth peace advocacy and youth policy development

   To enhance an exchange of practices for youth policy development and cooperation between EU and EaP countries

The project is composed of four core activity clusters which contribute all to the realization of the project objectives.

Activity strand 1. Competence development for young leaders (CDP) 

The educational programme aims at equipping young leaders (fellows and youth workers) with the ability to conduct youth related training and educational activities, needs based community activities fostering youth participation and establishing links to local authorities and decision-makers in order to improve the situation of youth at local level on conflict-related issues. 


Activity strand 2. Local youth training programme in the EaP countries (LYTP) 

The programme is based in peer-to-peer education among the fellows and youth in their communities. The element of peer-to-peer education provides a unique opportunity for the fellows to develop the competences acquired during the competence development programme and the mentored planning workshop included in this activity. This part of the programme also contributes to disseminating the project initiatives -and specially the YABPs- and engage local youth from Armenia, Georgia, and Ukraine.


Activity strand 3. Youth Advisory Boards for Peace in the EaP countries (YABPs) 

The program aims to provide a platform for youth organizations to co-develop and jointly establish sustainable forms of cooperation at the municipal level for addressing youth conflict-related issues 

Activity strand 4. Extra dissemination measures aims at the dissemination of project outcomes and results among stakeholders and broader society.

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