Lika, Nestani, Nazeli and Halyna from Armenia, Georgia, and Ukraine on 1-12th of May, 2018, visited Novact in Barcelona, Spain for the job shadowing activity. During 12 days participants visited different type of organisations and attended the events related to youth work and Peacebuilding. 

Two of the participants represented Georgian NGO “Academy for Peace and Development”, one - Armenian organization “Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly-Vanadzor Office” and one - Ukrainian organization “Opora”. The main objectives of the job-shadowing were: 

• To develop capacities of policy development and campaigning; 

• To understand the importance of strategy analysis and internal organization in order to implement effective advocacy actions; 

• To learn more about the coordination within different organizational departments; 

• To exchange good practices and examples of social movements and initiatives. 

The participants had a great opportunity to get a closer insight of the organization which works in a wide range of spheres – such as 

  1. protection of civil and political rights, 

  2. prevention of human rights violations at Spanish south border (with Morocco), 

  3. research in the field of anti-militarism, 

  4. prevention of non-violent extremism,

  5. supporting citizens’ participation and economical democracy.

Alongside with being introduced with the staff members of Novact and being presented their activities, the participants of the job shadowing also had an opportunity to participate in a press conference in the federation of NGOs called “La fede” on the subject of “Anti-militarization” and also to meet some leaders of youth movements to get to know how they work.

In a whole, all the participants of the job shadowing enjoyed the Novact, its staff, the experience gained there and also the city of Barcelona.