I am Paata Alaverdashvili, an international project coordinator at Academy for Peace and Development. I have an educational background in psychology and peace and conflict studies. I am in the field of youth work since 2012 when I founded the local youth organisation at my home town Tsnori in the western part of Georgia. I wish that project Youth as Peacebuilders empowers participants and the partner organisations in the way that it contributes to the peace in the local communities and also to the global peace as well.

I am Taras Prokop, coordinator of electoral, parliamentarian and self-governmental projects of OPORA in Chernivtsi region (Ukraine) and also, I work as adviser in decentralization process in U-LEAD with Europe program. Thanks to Erasmus,  I became involved with OPORA. 

Hi, I’m Daniele Lucarelli. I'm active in Non Formal Education field since 2006, and I work in Vicolocorto as EVS coordinator and manager of international partnerships of our organisation. Thanks to my studies, I'm interested in Communication, Sociology and International Relationships, with a special focus on human interactions and how they affect the reality we live in. At professional level I strive to empower members of our organisation and equip them with new skills and competences to give a new impact to our society at local level.

Hi, I’m Armine Sadikyan. I have been working in HCA Vanadzor since 2002 as coordinator of peacebuilding and regional cooperation projects. I do monitoring of human rights violations of conscripts and servicemen in Armenia, provide them with legal support and trainings. I also work with conflict victims, such as refugees, relatives of missing persons of the Karabakh war. I am involved in projects contributing to confidence building between Armenia-Turkey and Armenia-Azerbaijan.  Youth work is another part of my work and I am trying to involve young people in different regional and international peacebuilding projects.


I’m Jannes Herman Mostert. As chairman and international coordinator of The Tree Party Foundation (since 2017), I am active in tree planting projects, projects for tree protecting/maintenance and try to grow awareness for (the importance of) the trees. Managing the international partnerships and exchanges of our organization is rewarding and inspiring: to work and learn with people from other countries. We are happy to be involved in peace building activities for youth: there is a lot to develop in the field of (building) environmental peace! And as far as it counts for planting: you can’t start soon or young enough. Since I myself was a superhappy participant of an Erasmus+ programme I am more than glad to help facilitate such an experience for others. And of course, to plant trees!